Born in Mexico City in 1984, Daniel Saldaña París is a writer, essayist and poet. Included in México20 and Bogotá39 lists, he is among the best contemporary authors of Mexico and Latin America.

Monday,September 23, at 6 pm at Circolo dei lettori he will present La linea madre (Italian publisher Chiarelettere), a piercing story demonstrating how a single family and a single childhood, in the background of the story, can disclose the hidden heart of a nation.

1994, Mexico City. Teresa’s son thinks that his mother has gone camping for some days when she suddenly leaves their house. He is left with his older sister and an absent father; he spends his days playing alone and practising with the perfect origami figures. The mother won’t come back and as a small detective, he tries to find clues of her departure. He will find out that Teresa was not the mother she looked like: behind her disappearance there was the desire to run away and join the revolutionary forces of the Zapatista army in the South of the Country. With the help of a new sketchy friend, the boy will make a trip by bus towards the unknown, resolute  to put together the pieces of his broken world.