This year we have created a sustainability project called “Il Prossimo Passo” (The Next Step) to transform Salone Internazionale del Libro in a promotor of sustainability culture and awareness and in the future in an event fully sustainable for the first time in its long story.


This edition of the fair will not be a fully sustainable fair, but we ask your contribution by sharing with you some suggestions, to start together this process and improve it in future editions

Here some suggestions and general indications:

  • we kindly ask you to follow the instructions given about the selective collection of wastes during the days of the event;
  • reuse and regeneration at the end of the event of set-up components (waste= resource for another subject) so as to prolong the life cycle and avoid a sudden disposal;
  • valorisation of local materials;
  • use of materials free from substances or components dangerous for the environment and the human health;
  • use of environmentally friendly materials which, in the production phases, require policies of energy efficiency and reduction of emission factors dangerous for the environment and human health;
  • ease of disassembly/substitution of components;
  • use of lighting system with a low environmental impact;
  • avoid use of chemical glues while supporting the use of natural glues or interlocking set up structures, easily disassembled;
  • when the use of fabrics or rigid support for communication purposes is necessary, avoid the use of pvc or plastic derivatives supports and the choice of recycled, recyclable or usable materials at the end of the fair in different fields of application is essential;
  • reduce the quantity of paper materials produced and for those considered as necessary, we encourage you to use (FSC/PEFC) certified paper or recycled/recyclable paper (Inkjet printing and solvents with a lower environmental impact);
  • it is necessary, within the exhibition area, to organise a system of waste sorting produced on site and a correct acknowledgement of the public;
  • in case of food and wine tasting, we suggest you to use biodegradable tableware and components or washable and reusable objects (ceramic, glass or various metal tableware and components);
  • we suggest you to use bioplastics, PLA biodegradable and compostable shoppers or reusable materials like cardboard/recycled paper, plain weave, yuta, rafia etc.;
  • share these suggestions with your collaborators.

Thank you for your collaboration.