The call for the 33rd edition of Salone del Libro is to give sense to the presence of man on the planet. A suggestion that perfectly fit a moment when the tomorrow seems so fragile and that has become a responsibility for our species.

Other forms of life is the theme chosen in 2020. An encouragement to fantasise about human features in the years to come, as there’s a decade left to reach 2030 Agenda sustainable development goals. How can we get through the present and reach the future? Climate crisis, sustainability, biodiversity protection, technological innovation, new social, economic and political models needed to live in dignity the XXI century are intertwined with literature, cinema, theatre and the art to tell stories. Only books can try and imagine the future and tell us about its mutations.

salto20 manifesto


Speaking of transformation: the manifesto of the 33rd edition is an art work by Marta Cerri, one of the most promising Italian illustrators. Preparatory works and sketches of the image that in a metamorphosis intertwines nature and culture, expressing the theme of Salone del Libro 2020 will be exhibited in the area dedicated to new generations, SalTo Diventi.