From 23rd June, six episodes, every Tuesday at 10.30 pm on

After the great success of SalTo Extra, Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino is back for the summer with SalTo Notte: a new experimental format that will give voice to Italian and foreign publishers and authors, and will be held in some symbolic places of the Italian culture that, after months of difficulties and uncertainty, are starting again with their activities.

SalTo Notte will be a real journey across Italy, guided by the common thread of literature and culture, in a historical moment when the world is starting to move again, but the direction to take is not clear yet. A new experiment, late in the evening, because as the Italian says goes "the night brings counsel" and it offers a different way of being together: it gives more freedom, intimacy and the possibility to think, far from the hustle and bustle of the day. From 23rd June, six appointments - every Tuesday from 10.30 pm - streamed on, the YouTube channel and the Facebook page of Salone del Libro. The videos of the meetings will remain available on the website and the YouTube channel even after their broadcasting.

Salone del Libro will enter museums, libraries, bookshops and cultural production spaces of Turin, Naples, Milan and Rome, interviewing people and artists who have always lived those places and are imagining new forms and scenarios to meet and share.

Each episode will be characterised by meetings with people of the world of culture, literature, music, arts and publishing, who will analyse and discuss together – with Nicola Lagioia, the editorial consultants’ group and the team working for Salone del Libro – how the world is changing around us. Exclusive interviews; new editorial releases; the section "Dall’oggi al domani, le parole per dirlo " conducted by Loredana Lipperini about authors and themes animating our days and nights; a focus dedicated to children's fiction; at the end of each episode, there will be a moment of poetry and a song from a songwriter will be reinterpreted and played live to guide listeners into the night. All meetings will be commented at "Casa Buendía", with Francesco Pacifico and different guests. SalTo Notte wants to be an open window on the "machine" of the Salone, the behind the scenes of the team that works all year round and wants to maintain strong contacts with the community of readers and the public, waiting to meet them live again.

The first appointment will be Tuesday, 23 June at La Centrale - Nuvola Lavazza in Turin and then the program will continue as follows: the 30th of June at Galleria d’Italia - Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano in Naples; the 7th of July at Teatro India in Rome; the 14th of July at Galleria d’Italia - Piazza Scala in Milan; the 21st of July at Libreria Tuba in Rome; to end where we started, in Turin, the 28th of July at Biblioteca civica Villa Amoretti.

The first episode
The first episode will be held at La Centrale - Nuvola Lavazza of Turin on Tuesday, 23 June. Among the guests: Ilaria Capua, protagonist of a meeting called “Ogni nuvola ha una cornice d’argento” starting from her book “Il Dopo” published by Mondadori; for the section “Dall’oggi al domani, le parole per dirlo” the philosopher Donatella Di Cesare, author of “Virus sovrano?” (Bollati Boringhieri), analyses together with Loredana Lipperini what has come to light in terms of inequalities in these last months and the general social and political disorientation; in collaboration with Gallucci, Valerio Berruti tells and draws “L’abbraccio più forte”, a flipbook that tells how the hug has changed during the lockdown and the fundraising for the Verduno Covid Hospital; “Storia di un sacerdote tra Vangelo e Costituzione” is the title of the meeting between Luigi Ciotti and Fabio Geda, about “L'amore non basta” (Giunti Editore); in collaboration with Adelphi, Vanni Santoni interviews Michael Pollan, one of the most important and famous essayist and journalist at international level, who will tell about a trip to the borders of human mind following the thread of the psychedelic culture, analysed on the historical, medical and social level; as for the clips “I Libri della Notte” (Books of the night) : Ritanna Armeni presents “Mara. Una donna del novecento” (Ponte alle Grazie) and Il Terzo segreto di Satira presents “La paranza dei buonisti” (Longanesi); an appointment dedicated to the bookshops of Turin neighbourhoods, which have suffered a lot in these months, is simply a must: Beatrice Dorigo (La Gang del Pensiero), Sara Lanfranco (Libreria Therese) and Rocco Pinto (Il ponte sulla Dora) will share their stories; the night ends with a moment of poetry, with a reding by Marco Pautasso. Claudia Durastanti, Francesco Pacifico and Giordano Meacci will take part in the event from “Casa Buendía”.

Among the guests who have already confirmed their presence there are Javier Cercas with Giancarlo De Cataldo, Bret Easton Ellis, Esther Safran Foer, Thomas Piketty, Igiaba Scego, The Jackal, Pop X, Gipi.

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