Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino will host again Gastronomica, the project conceived by Slow Food Editore.

salto gastronomica logo

SalTo Gastronomica is the name chosen to be in line with the renewed branding of the fair’s projects but the format will be the same as the previous editions, considering the many good feedbacks received (2017 and 2019).

The space will gather different specialised publishers with their stands, giving the chance to the public to admire and purchase their books. A rich program of meetings will be scheduled with the aim of creating dialogues and discussions and comparing books through the presence of experts, authors and publishers. A strictly cultural and editorial approach is preferred: no cooking shows or food and drinks are offered at SalTo Gastronomica, but we will speak about food through readings and the specialised editorial world. Gastronomic science is the main focus; therefore, topics vary from taste, cooking techniques and recipes to gastronomic history and literature, from green and social sustainability of food value chain to specific themes focus.

It is new way of interpreting gastronomy that helps to understand the variety and the extent of this sector, a new way of thinking and telling about food, which is not only good to eat.