Salone del Libro di Torino has always kept in high value professionals of the publishing sector and this year will broaden its horizons on the world of jobs, education and productivity. SalTo Pro, new name of the professional area, represents an innovative idea for sharing, acquiring and improving skills and professionalism.The area is set-up in the Pavilion 3 of Lingotto and can count on 5 main projects: Leggere per lavorare; Professioni del Libro; the first edition of Scuola di editoria; L’AutoreInvisibile; the program is realised by the associations of the sector.

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Leggere per lavorare: the specialised publishing must reply with dynamism to the need of means to innovate and grow in a constant evolving society, source of demanding challenges that request to invent or re-invent jobs. For the first time, the fair dedicates to these issues a place, as symbol of a concrete and shared momentum of our country, that needs to give new values to people’ skills. The project is conceived by Ex Libris Comunicazione and will be characterised by an exhibition area and a meeting area to present different instruments of study and to involve the public in interactive and innovative activities.

Professioni del Libro: confirming the importance given by the fair from its beginning to processes and professions working around the “machine of books”, the area conceived by Argentovivo address all members of publishing sector, bookstores and libraries, easing the meeting among exhibitors (trade associations, distributors, wholesalers, printers, software service company) and users (as publishers, booksellers, librarians, promoters). Spaces and instruments useful for training and updates to grow and develop knowledge and innovative techniques will be available in Pavilion 3, with the aim of enlarging the network and rising the competitiveness on the market.

Scuola di editoria: a project thought for those who want to access jobs in publishing. Two days of an intensive free course in collaboration with important Italian schools and university masters that will participate in turn in the future editions. Open to those who want to understand and learn how you work in a publishing house, from the drafting and editing of a text till the communication and promotion. For two full days, teachers and professionals will alternate their presence and explain the complex editorial machine through short lessons focused on every aspects of the system.

L’AutoreInvisibile: it is the project about editorial translation by Ilide Carmignani, celebrating its 20 years with a series of meetings addressed to those wanting to understand what you read when you read a translation. The other appointments are divided into four sections: Area di confine (border area) explores arguments like identity and otherness at the base of linguistic and cultural acceptance; Lo scrittore e il suo doppio (the writer and his/her double) makes the most famous writers of the international literature meet their Italian translator; A volte ritornano (sometimes they come back) presents the most recent translations of the literature classics, because every generation is called to interpret them again and finally I ferri del mestiere (tools of the trade) offers lessons, seminars and round-tables for professional updates.

Last but not least, the appointments organised for some of the most representative trade associations of the publishing value chain, from ALI - Associazione Librai Italiani (Italian booksellers association), Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia (Italian enterprises association), to AIB - Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (Italian libraries association). Salone will host conferences and debates promoted by ADEI – Associazione degli Editori Indipendenti (Independent publishers association) and from AIE – Associazione Italiana Editori (Italian publishers association), together with Forum del Libro (Book forum) , ANARPE - Associazione Nazionale Agenti Rappresentanti Promotori Editoriali (National association of editorial representatives) e ALIR - Associazione Librerie Indipendenti per Ragazzi (Association of Italian independent bookstores for children).