Where the business of publishing is enabled: SalTo Rights Centre is the area within the Salone Internazionale del Libro that facilitates meetings between professionals of the editorial world, through the exchange of rights - publishing, translation and film and tv series production.

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The project aims to offer to the Italian and international publishing houses real opportunities to do business involving also relationships with film and television stakeholders.

The work and involvement of literary agencies is always prioritised: SalTo Rights Centre is the only forum which welcomes the entirety of the Italian publishing industry as well as a significant and dynamic section of the international publishing community.

One of the most important SalTo Rights Centre initiative is represented by two unique Fellowship Programs designed to welcome professionals from all over the world and to encourage the participation of foreign stakeholders. Book to Book conceived with international publishing and translation rights in mind, and Book to Screen, focused on the world of audio-visual development and adaptation and the corresponding rights.

Why should you participate in SalTo Rights Centre? 

«Salone del Libro di Torino and its Rights Centre (già International Book Fair) are crucial days in my calendar. I attend as often as I am able, and over the near-decade that I have been coming to Torino, I have built vital and enduring relationships with Italian and international publishers of all sizes and interests. At IBF I have done business with publishers I would otherwise never have met, been introduced to writers whose stories have enriched my life, and been inspired by the quality and professionalism of the attendees. I encourage everyone I meet to attend!».

Suzanne Brandreth – Cooke International, Canada

«The IBF at this year’s book fair was incredibly vibrant. I welcomed the opportunity to gain a clearer sense of the Italian publishing market’s international appeal. The fellowship program was a productive and lively experience that I am excited to recommend to other scouting and development colleagues».

Megan Reid – FX Networks

«Great fair! small and efficient. it‘s a fantastic idea to put book- and film people together in ONE auratic place. i learned very much in these days and i am delighted to hear about the plans for the future. I definitely come back next year». 

Michael Gaeb – Literarische Agentur 

«The Turin book fair 2018 was a fantastic discovery for me. Efficiently run and well-selected, I had some incredibly fruitful meetings and made some excellent new connections. Most importantly it opened my eyes to new kinds of collaboration between the worlds of books and film, and as such the book fair is doing something that no other fair in the world does».

Francis Bickmore – Canongate Books