"Coherently to its Mission, Water Academy SRD promoted in 2017 two important Symposiums on the theme of Water, with the aim to contribute to the diffusion and root of a new Culture of Water.The present publication contains the Acts of both the Symposiums and represents a concrete contribution to the cause of the centrality of water in our contemporary era, almost under all point view: from Economy to Geography, from Biology to Chemistry, from Engineering to Religion. The strong determination of Water Academy SRD, is to inaugurate a new methodology in approaching Water related issues considering this theme under a holistic point view, sewing together different scientific knowledges into a comprehensive and inclusive Discourse Around Water.

Perchè consigliare questo libro per la Giornata Mondiale dell'Acqua?

Perché rappresenta una importante testimonianza dell'importanza dell'acqua per il nostro pianeta, relazionata da eminenti personalità di Scienza nazionali e internazionali.

Lacqua e gli SDGs 06