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Rights Centre is where the business of publishing is enabled. This is the area dedicated to the publishing and audio-visual rights market within Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino.


The area is designed for all the Italian and international publishing houses, foreign rights managers, literary and scouting agencies, film/TV agencies and production companies.

The 2024 Rights Centre will take place from Wednesday, May 8th to Friday, May 10th at the Lingotto Congress Center, while the public-facing bookfair will be open to the public from Thursday, May 9th to Monday, May 13th.



Rights Centre means professional exchange, business and rights market, but it is also an occasion to focus on important topics involving professionals of the publishing and audio-visual industry.

There are three sections:

Book to Book, focused on Italian and international publishing and on the exchange of publishing and translation rights.

Book to Screen, focused on the intersection between the world of cinema and television and the publishing sector and the promotion of the acquisition and development of editorial content and the exchange between the two industries.

Book to Audio, the area inaugurated in 2022 is focused on the world of podcasts and audiobooks, with a special attention to Italian companies.



Once again, with the support of ICE – the Italian Trade Agency –  the Rights Centre offers a fellowship programme designed for publishers, editors, rights managers, literary agents and foreign scouts.
The selected professionals will be offered accommodation for three nights (in May 8th /out May 10th) in one of our partner hotels, free access to the Rights Center and the Bookfair for the whole duration of the trade show, as well as to our special events and to workshop programme.
Registrations are now open! Click here to submit applications by Tuesday January 23rd, 2024 at 6.00 pm (Italian time).







Dinner at Castello di Rivoli

Castello di Rivoli2

Castello di Rivoli1

Castello di Rivoli3


Breakfast at Ristorante Del Cambio

Colazione al Cambio1

Colazione al Cambio2

Colazione al Cambio3









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About us

Any serious publisher with international aspirations should go. Three reasons. First, it’s well-organised and very enjoyable. Second, very interesting people gather there - editors, publishers, agents and scouts. And third, it's a strong and convivial reminder of the importance of books. (…) It's a brilliant occasion and a reminder that what we do in the book world matters a lot.
Andrew Franklin, Profile Books, UK

The rights centre and meetings are wonderful and a perfect complement to London. I got to meet many people who I couldn’t meet there, both new contacts and old friends. (…)
I love the Castle Rivoli trip and the breakfast at Del Cambio. Very extravagant and memorable experience (…) The rights centre meeting system is also brilliant (…) This should be used by every book fair in the world!
Gray Tan, The Greyhawk Agency, Taiwan

Torino was where I was able to pinpoint the reasons why, so often, sub-Saharan Africa is excluded from conversations about rights sales and rights acquisition. Meeting so many agents and publishers who were willing to answer my questions and offer support was really helpful. There is a lot of foundational restructuring that needs to be done to ensure that African independent publishers can contribute meaningfully to the business side of the book industry. I am excited about the challenges ahead. Turin has been really inspiring.
Lola Shoneyin, Aké Arts and Book Festival, Nigeria

Thanks so much for inviting me to what was perhaps the most fun and best-organized rights centre I’ve ever been to. I marvelled on social media about the biscuits on every table, but more seriously the booking tool, the natural sunlight and terrific mix of other guests made it easy and fun to have a productive fair.
Liz Gately, Liz Gately Book Scouting, USA

As an active company in the Book to film industry, it has been a privilege to take part in the Salone Internationale del Libro de Torino and foster our network of international producers, scouts and publishers on this outstanding occasion.
Maÿlis Vauterin and Delphine Clot, Matriochkas Bureau audiovisuel et littéraire, France

It’s a dynamic and well organized fair and the online platform to set up meetings is a wonderful tool also for reaching out to new contacts instead of only meeting the people you already know. See you next year Torino!
Anna Lindblom, Nordik Literary Agency, France

The Torino Fellowship and Salone del Libro has been a breath of fresh air in what has become a very familiar annual routine of bookfairs: it was incredibly inspiring to meet new editors and agents not just from Italy, but from different parts of Europe and the world.
Karsten Kredel, Ullstein Buch Verlage, Germany

Taking part in this year’s Salone has been a wonderful experience, both personally and professionally. Being in the shortlist of the Aficionado Award was a great opportunity to showcase our work to colleagues and professionals as well as to get to know inspiring people and projects.
Tommaso Biancardi, Iperborea, Italy

It was an incredibly positive experience. I met so many new publishers, and notably got a sense of the vibrant Italian publishing industry. (…) And thank you for setting up the Books to Film panel. It was enlightening and interesting, and no doubt the two industries will continue to engage more in the future.
Janie Yoon, Simon and Schuster Canada

The fair struck the perfect balance between a relatively large number of fellows— so there were new people to meet— while maintaining the intimate size and spaces that make the Turin fair so special
Erin Edmison, Edmison Harper Literary Scouting, USA

I remember the Turin Bookfair as a fair which is huge for the exhibitors, but small for rights; now this has changed and it was a truly valuable addition to the usual bookfairs in Frankfurt and London. The location is of course unbeatable. All in all it was a fantastic experience, and my inbox is already filling up with some great manuscripts!
Job Lisman, Prometheus Publishers, The Netherlands

The fair greatly surpassed my expectations in terms of size, the number of events and panels, and the organization of the Rights Centre. As a hub of networking, offering insight into new practices, I feel it is an essential event for international publishers.
Darja Marinšek, Mladinska knjiga, Slovenia

I found a very dynamic book economy : great public fair, great atmosphere, even with the bad weather!
Arnaud Foulon, Groupe HMH, Québec, Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the cultural experience through the various programs, that is, the presentations from the Award nominees, the gala dinner trip to the castle, the breakfast at the historical cafe, the drinks at the end of the day. This was all made special as it took place in the lovely town of Turin.
Manami Tamaoki, Tuttle Mori, Japan

Torino is my favourite book fair. It’s not too big and not too small. You always meet old and make new friends.
Tom Kraushaar, Klett-Cotta, Germany

As always, the Turin IRC proves itself to be an essential, thriving space of international encounters, outside of the narrower logic of bigger, exclusively professional rights fairs that allows a focus on Italian literature in both buying and selling.
Eva Ferri, Europa Editions, UK

The meetings were a great way to hear what people are looking for for their particular markets and clients. I hope those who attended our panel had as much fun as we did! Grazie mille for the gracious hospitality and for organizing such wonderful programming for all the fellows!
Angela Cheng Caplan, Cheng Caplan Company, USA

Very many thanks for all that you did to make our visit to Turin not only enjoyable, but also extremely useful. (…) I aimed to see mainly Italian publishers and agents in the rights centre, but also the meetings I had with international agents and publishers were very fruitful.
Katharina Bielenberg, MacLehose Press, UK